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  1. Q. Will the Winchmate self tailing conversion fit my Lewmar, Meissner Harken or Anderson winch?
  2. A. Winchmate self tailing conversions will not adapt to any of the above mentioned manufacturers regardless of size and will only fit Barient, Barlow, Wilkie, Baron, and other knock-off winches of the Barient and Barlow design.

  3. Q. Do you stock replacement parts for Barient or Barlow winches?
  4. A. No we don’t, but they are available through Hutton-Arco in Australia.

  5. Q. What size winches are able to be converted?
  6. A. Sizes #27, #28, #30 and #32 are standard models available in fixed jaw as well as spring jaw; however, size #35 can be converted with a simple, inexpensive modification to the drum crown lip. Email for more information.

  7. Q. Will the Winchmate fit on my aluminum winch drum?
  8. A. Yes. The Winchmate installs on aluminum, stainless steel, bronze and chromed bronze winches without any modifications.

  9. Q. My Barlow/Barient winch has a hex head screw securing the drum instead of a retaining nut…can I convert my winch?
  10. A. No, #26 and smaller do not allow for a way to affix the line lifter/stripper arm with our conversion. You must have size #27 or larger with the drum nut.

  11. Q. How many years have Winchmate conversions been produced?
  12. A. We have been manufacturing self tailing conversions since 2005. Winchmate self tailing conversions were patented in 2006.

  13. Q. Have there been any maintenance or reliability issues with the spring jaw vs. fixed jaw model?
  14. A. In the years Winchmate conversions have been manufactured and in use, we have not had a single request to replace any parts due to wear or failure when properly installed. Hundreds of dependable units have been produced, installed and sailed 10’s of thousands of ocean miles worldwide.


  15. Q. Is the Winchmate easy to install?
  16. A. Yes, most are installed in less than an hour with the simple tools supplied. Follow these INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

  17. Q. How do I service and maintain my Barient/Barlow winch?
  18. A. These sites contain good information:

New life for Barlow winches! Your Barients and Barlows can now be self-tailers.